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Features to engage the learner and empower the trainer.

Magento Integration

Sarus is the only LMS that was built to specifically integrate seamlessly with Magento.  

Magento 1.x and 2.x CE/EE

Sarus is fully documented for self-installation in Magento 1.x and 2.x – it’s an easy upgrade to your current ecommerce offerings.

One-click Course Publishing from Sarus to Magento

Start selling courses within minutes of publishing, using seamless Magento marketplace integration from Sarus.

Magento My Courses Dashboard

Simplify course navigation with “My Courses” dashboard. User seamlessly navigate your ecosystem to purchase products and engage with your courses.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Sarus builds on Magento’s robust ecommerce platform with powerful LMS capabilities, allowing customers to make purchases and enroll in your courses from a single account.

Instructor-led Course Option

Easily facilitate your courses with Sarus instructor-led course options. Intuitively manage your courses through the instructor dashboard.

Self-paced Course Option

Engage students with guided content and tools that motivate and support community interactions within self-paced courses.

Robust Administration

The tools you need to manage and create engaging courses.  

Drag and Drop Course Builder

Use drag and drop technology to fully customize your learning canvas. Use videos, text, digital content, and custom assessments to create immersive courses.

Group Management

Group users into custom groups and manage enrollments and digital resource access based on your custom group settings.

Custom Branding

Leverage your existing brand identity with Sarus customized course authoring. Easily create a branded course portal, fully integrated with your branded ecommerce site.


track user engagement with easy-to-access reports and meaningful analytics.

Data Export

We know your data is important. We’ve made it so you can export anything from assignment submissions, user transcripts, custom user reports, course discussions, and course content.

User Management

Effortlessly manage your users through the Sarus user management administration panel. Manage enrollments, digital resource access, and user roles.

Course Features

Features to support self-paced or instructor-led courses. 

Course Catalog

Display available courses in the Sarus course catalog. You can control course access by setting course keys, prerequisites, or keep courses open for enrollment.

Student Notebook

Create course notebooks, attach important resources, source important content and annotate, and access notebooks anytime across all courses and site.

Student Dashboard

Students can keep track of their progress, download certificates, and view grades through the intuitive student dashboard.


Issue certificates triggered by percent completion or grade threshold. Certificates can be sent to stakeholders and downloaded by students.


Users can participate in thoughtful course discussion inline with course content. Easily quote content and attach supporting documents, videos, and audio to discuss with peers.

Engaging Interface

Students can easily navigate courses, track course progress, and have access to tools that support their learning. Discussions and assessments can be added to any course page inline with course content so learning is easy!

Facilitator Support

Unique features support full facilitation of your courses. 

Grading Tool

Choose to autograde assessments or manually grade and provide feedback to the user at the question and full assessment level.

Instructor Feedback

Feedback is important! We’ve made it so you can create automated feedback or enter feedback manually on any assessment.

Course Content Annotation

We’ve given more power to course instructors. They can add additional content and notes inline with the course content!

Progress Tracking

Keep track of your learners progress through progress reports accessible from your dashboard.

Email Notifications

Stay in the know! Choose to recieve email notifications when users contribute to a course discussion, complete an assignment or course, or even earn a certificate.

Gated Assignments

Every assignment can be custom configured. Choose to prevent users from advancing in your course until they’ve completed specific assignments with the Sarus gated assignment feature.

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