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Advantages for integrating your Magento and LMS platforms

Integrating your Magento CMS with an LMS allows you to turn your expertise into salable courses. And true integration makes selling courses as easy as adding a new product to your online store.

Starting with Magento, you already have the most robust, end-to-end eCommerce solution. So, adding an LMS solution should leverage Magentos high aesthetic value and easy navigation.

Best solution? Sarus is the one LMS that truly integrates with Magento. Whereas some other LMS platforms claim to integrate with Magento, only Sarus was built specifically as an extension to Magento.

Unlike other LMS platforms that are retrofitted to bridge with Magento eCommerce sites, Sarus courses are added directly to your Magento store. As a result, when someone buys a course from your Magento store, they are enrolled automatically.

Looking for seamless integration with Magento? Sarus Learning LMS is your solution.

integrating your Magento CMS with an LMSTurn your knowledge into revenue

If you already have a Magento store, integrating your Magento CMS with an LMS opens new opportunities:

  • Expand your current knowledge business offerings with courses. Experts like consultants, authors, trainers, and other thought leaders can develop new income streams by selling Sarus courses.
  • Grow your Magento store by adding digital courses to your physical products. In other words, turn your expertise about the products you sell into courses that interest your customers.
Courses added to your Magento store grow your business

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and your customers respect your expertise. By integrating your Magento CMS with an LMS, you leverage your expertise to motivate and educate customers. Whether you offer free or paid enrollment courses, your course offerings guide your audience to choose, use, and be satisfied with your products or services.

integrating your Magento CMS with Sarus LMS to build your audienceStart using courses to build your audience. Unlike ungated YouTube video tutorials or social media posts, Sarus courses grow your audience and guide them towards purchasing. In addition, courses build customer loyalty by supporting their experiences with your other Magento store offerings.

Definitely, selling courses through your Magento store also grows your business by generating revenue from your knowledge. You can start selling courses within minutes of publishing, using seamless Magento marketplace integration from Sarus. That means more revenue without the burdens of purchasing physical goods, inventory management, or shipping.

Integrating your Magento CMS with an LMS: Sarus makes integration easy

integrating your Magento CMS with an LMS is easySarus Learning LMS is fully documented for self-installation in Magento 1.x and 2.x. No need for specialized tech support; Sarus is an easy upgrade to your current eCommerce offerings.

Because Sarus integrates fully with your existing Magento store, course navigation is simple. Users seamlessly move from purchasing products to engaging with your courses through their My Courses dashboard.

What are you waiting for?

With Sarus Learning LMS, use drag and drop technology to fully customize your learning canvas. Intuitive course building with Sarus lets you easily use videos, text, digital content, and custom assessments to create exclusive courses for your audience.

integrating your Magento CMS with Sarus LMS is seamlessStart growing your business today by integrating your Magento CMS with Sarus Learning. Sarus allows you to turn your expertise into salable and lead-generating courses.